Plotter: Preterm growth charts, 22-50 weeks

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Fenton, BMC Pediatrics 2013

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Preterm charts, 22-50 weeks
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Growth chart plotter 2-19y
Growth chart plotter 0-2y
Waist circumference charts 5-19y
Preterm charts, 22-50 weeks

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This page is running on a Shiny server that allows the statistical package R to plot newborn growth on the 2013 Fenton growth charts for premature newborns. This is a direct data entry application, which allows you to enter your data on this page. If you prefer to upload your data in the form of a spreadsheet, please click here.

Enter Data

Dates must be entered using the format yyyy-mm-dd and are stored as days since Jan 1, 1970; they can be entered directly or using the calendar tool. Use the sliders to enter gestational age at birth e.g. 30 weeks + 3 days. Thereafter, the dates of birth and measurement will be used to calculate the equivalent gestational age in weeks. Length and head circumference should be measured in cm and weight in grams. After entering your selections, click Add Data to add the new data point to your dataset. The full dataset will be updated and displayed below.

Saved Dataset

This will remain blank until at least one data point is added by clicking Add Data . The variable weeks represents the equivalent gestational age on the day of measurement.

Growth Charts

Once a dataset has been created, click Plot Now to render the chart. The sidebar provides plot options and a choice of charts.

Once you're happy with your data and plot options, click on the Download button to download a hi-resolution graphic for publication or presentation. You may also download a .csv spreadsheet with the dataset you entered for use with our Z score calculator. Although age in weeks is the variable of interest, the dates of birth (DOB) and visit (DOV) are included in the format '2000-12-30'; however, depending on your Excel preferences, they may not be displayed this way.

PS: We are frequently contacted by users interested in the Fenton LMS tables for their own applications. Since we obtained these under a user agreement that specifically precludes sharing, you will need to contact Dr. Fenton directly at the University of Calgary. We are however happy to share LMS tables for other apps on this site.